About GPS collars for dogs many people forget that the dog activity monitoring is one of the best features that these devices have to offer. It is true that everything stems from the need to locate our beloved four-legged friends in case of loss, but it is equally true that fortunately this is an eventuality that does not happen every day, indeed it is hoped that it happens very few times in the life of a dog. It is for this reason that, instead, dog activity monitoring features show a daily utility, indeed constant because it keeps under control our dog even when we are not there materially or figuratively.

How to Monitor Your Dog’s Activity

It is absolutely unimaginable to constantly keep track of everything our dog does, perhaps to see if there are any changes in their daily routine that might suggest something wrong and on which we need to intervene. Some GPS collars, however, come to our aid, recording not only the position of the dog in real time, but also using other sensors such as gyroscope, accelerometer, etc., to determine, based on an algorithm, what our four-legged friend is up to. The dog activity monitoring is a rather advanced feature that depends much on the goodness of programming algorithm rather than sensors, so when looking for a GPS tracker pay particular attention to this aspect that will give much more sense to your purchase.

Monitoring dog activities

After all, the activity monitoring dogs that these devices integrate into their software and hardware is not very different from what they do the various fitness bands that have been circulating for many years. The combination of sensors and software allows these devices not only to measure certain values but also to understand in a smart way when we are starting a certain activity. Similarly, the most advanced GPS collars are able to carry out constant monitoring of dog activity and determine whether they are running, playing, resting or even sleeping. It also becomes an excellent tool for keeping our dog fit by calculating the calories consumed during the day and establishing physical activity goals that the dog must reach in order to continue to stay fit.