The best medium-sized dogs for children at home

How can you choose the best dog breed for a child? It is important that the dog is properly socialized with children since it is a puppy, that he has not behavioral problems and has a stable temperament, but you should also educate your children on how to relate to the dog. It is not a toy, but it is the perfect playmate if respected. If you fancy taking a dog and you have children at home, you can choose the breed according to their temperament, their intelligence and reliability. Medium sized dogs for children are particularly wanted by families, since their sized is perfect for a flat.

Medium-sized dogs for children

But which are the best medium-sized dogs for children?

Cocker spaniel

The Cocker spaniel is a dog that desperately looks for attentions and as a particular sociability. It is a perfect companion dog suitable for children, sweet and playful, perfect for children, but also sociable with other animals.

Bassett hound

The Bassett hound is a lively and playful dog, particularly devoted to the owner, with a calm and affectionate temperament, very patient with everyone and reliable with children.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is a particularly intelligent and easy to train dog, very suitable for families: it is a real baby sitter dog sweet with children.

Smooth Collie

The Smooth Collie is an affectionate, stable and sensitive dog. It bonds with the owner. Playful and intelligent, it is the perfect playmate for children of all ages.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has a short fur and has a look of a grumpy dog. It is very playful, bright and deeply bonded with the owner, it does not like to be alone and it is very patient with children.


The Schnauzer is born as a watchdog, but it is a good companion dog. It has long fur and loves to play constantly with children. It is very reliable and obedient with family members, but suspicious with strangers.