Intense itching, redness, alopecia affected areas and relentlessness could be some symptoms that show your dog has been hit by fleas, some small and annoying parasites you should quickly eliminate. Fleas drinks the blood of the host and hatch their eggs even in the environments used by the dog. So, it is fundamental to deeply sanitize the home and obviously taking care of the dog: but how can we remove the fleas from the dog?

Dog fleas, how to eliminate them

Not everybody knows that fleas survive all year long, even in low temperatures: it is fundamental a constant prevention. If we notice our dog has been hit by fleas we should quickly deal with it, since fleas first hit the animal and then they reproduce hatching thousands of eggs that goes through many life cycles, until they are adult and can stick to the poor host, eating from it. Fleas are very small and hard to recognize, but you can detect their feces on the host, since they are small brown balls. If you remove them with a white paper towel and damp with some water you should see a red spot that indicates the blood. In order to eliminate fleas from the dog you should wash the dog with an antiparasitic shampoo immediately, it is the first thing you need to do.

How to remove fleas from the dog

Wash the dog with mild water, brush the product on all its body, then give it a massage. Once you rinse your dog, you should use a finely-toothed comb on all the fur in order to remove the fleas and their eggs. Rinse your dog and use a good antiparasitic after few days, in order to protect it. The antiparasitic should be applied constantly all over the year: it can either be drops or vial. Usually is a spot-on liquid product that ensure a monthly coverage for the dog. Otherwise you can use an antiparasitic collar that gradually release active ingredients fleas repellant and other antiparasitic. You can also choose some other natural products on the market, either pharmacological active ones with some synthetized active ingredients inside, or natural substances.