The GPS dog tracker allows you to constantly monitor the position of your four-legged friend in real time. Nowadays, the functions of these devices have multiplied, to mimic the function of a smart device no different from those we may wear during sporting activity. They can monitor the duration and type of our dog’s physical activity, and give a rough indication of the number of calories consumed.

The main function remains that of tracking the position of our dog in real time and displaying it on the map. More niche solutions exist that in addition to the GPS collar also a include receiver enabling you to communicate with it. However, most of the GPS dog trackers on the market today have substantially cut costs by eliminating this receiver, simply replacing it with our smartphone.

GPS dog trackers come with an app for displaying and processing the information transmitted by the device. These are essentially of a dual nature: information and services relating to the dog’s localisation, and those relating to its activity tracking.

GPS tracker for dogs

How GPS for Dogs Works

The GPS dog tracker is certainly the aspect that most appeals to people, since it means you can keep your dog safer and enjoy increased monitoring of your pet even if you spend many hours at work while your four-legged friend stays at home. The main goal is to have an ace up your sleeve in case your dog wanders away from home or disappears out of sight on a walk. A few taps on the phone are generally sufficient to access the dog’s position and view its movements in real time, ensuring it can be reached and recovered without too many worries.

The activity tracking part accompanies the GPS dog tracker but is not merely a secondary function. Indeed, the algorithm that processes the data received from the collar can determine with a degree of accuracy not only if our furry friend is on the move or at rest, but also the type of activity carried out: sleep, walking, running, playing, at rest, etc. In other words, a type of all-round tracking that gives us almost a daily diary of our dog’s activities, so we can see if all the variables are optimised.