The GPS cat tracker is a fantastic innovation, especially when it comes to cats who are used to spending a long time out of the house. Despite being very territorial, our feline friends love to explore new places, especially if they are high up. This can often result in one jump too many landing them in places from which they then have difficulty returning. Unfortunately, situation such as these are relatively common, causing concern for the cat’s human as they agitatedly search for their furry friend. The search is never simple: a frightened cat hides, does not respond to calls and only comes out when it thinks it is safe and there are no people around. This is why the GPS tracker for cats becomes an almost essential ally for anybody who lives with an “outdoor cat”.

How tracking devices are made

Tracking devices for pets have become more and more compact over time: not all cats are amenable to having accessories attached to them – some are even resistant to the slimfit pesticide collars – and therefore it is vital that any device is not too bulky. Nowadays, tracking technology can be housed in a very small device, almost the size of a tag – making it suitable for medium-sized cats to wear with no problem. If the cat is too small or is not comfortable wearing the collar, a harness may represent the perfect option for housing the GPS tracker for cats.

GPS tracker for cats

The GPS cat tracker location services are not limited only to real-time location tracking. They also offer additional benefits to take care of our feline friends. Above all, there is the option of the so-called virtual fence: via the app and thanks to GPS + Wi-Fi connections, we can delimit an area within which our cat can move freely. However, should they move away we will immediately receive a notification and can act promptly. The GPS cat tracker also features a practical LED light that can be activated remotely, making it easier for us to identify our cat in the dark.