GPS collars for hunting dogs have very high prices compared to those commonly used in the home environment, although we can already say that perhaps even the latter are now reliable enough to be used in hunting.

We are talking about GPS for hunting dogs, whether the prices are high or low, because it is a type of activity in which the dog moves in large spaces in a very free manner, perhaps aiming and chasing prey, so it becomes necessary to have a device that tracks its position in real time so that it does not end up getting lost or, worse still, stolen when it moves too far away or, in any case, escapes the hunter’s watchful eye.

GPS for hunting dogs prices

The reference devices in this field are GPS trackers for hunting dogs, which are of a certain importance since a set includes the purchase of a collar for the dog and at the same time a PDA with which the former interfaces, communicating its position coordinates. The PDA is the most expensive element, as it contains maps, a touch screen and a radio communication system directly with the collar without the need for internet or telephone coverage. Prices for these GPS for hunting dogs are also influenced by the fact that to occupy and use a certain frequency requires government authorisation, which certainly entails costs.

Obviously, after all, the results are very good. The tracker has a limited, but all in all satisfactory range and the accuracy of the position calculation is remarkable. However, the most recent generation of GPS trackers manages to achieve equally good results at a much lower cost. While solutions with a handheld device can cost up to a thousand euros, here we are only out of two figures, on average fifty euros, for a collar that interfaces with our smartphone without requiring us to buy a special handheld device. The savings are obvious and the affordable GPS for hunting dogs is able, in any case, to offer excellent performance for localisation as well as all the functionality relating to activity tracking.