To accommodate a dog GPS, straps and harnesses are the two best accessories. A lot of pet owners, including cat owners, have now switched to using GPS locators for their beloved friends. For just a few euros, these devices can give you better peace of mind with their real-time location features: at any time you just have to take your mobile phone along and open an app to know exactly where your dog is, and even what he’s up to. Let’s be clear, there’s no spy drone which will follow our four-legged friends around but just by using gyroscope sensors, accelerometers etc. these devices, as well as calculating the animal’s position, can also estimate his activities through special algorithms. It can determine with some precision if your dog is running, playing, sleeping etc. so that at the end of the day you’ll have a report of his activities to compare with the previous day and make sure everything’s OK or spot if something’s wrong.

GPS dog collar

How to prevent the tracker from detaching from the strap

For all this to work at its best, your dog needs to constantly wear the device and the device needs to always remain in operation. That’s why over time we’ve put in a lot of work to make sure that the batteries of these devices last longer, and at the same time to make a GPS dog strap which, while remaining comfortable and light, can hold the locator in place, greatly reducing the risk of it coming off and stopping us from tracking our dog. Dogs aren’t always slow and graceful in their movements; in fact they tend to be rather abrupt or even rowdy, so for a dog GPS the strap has to be of excellent workmanship and especially designed specifically to accommodate the locator.

These devices don’t have a standard form – in fact they’re still in open competition to create the lightest and most efficient GPS – so usually the best solution is to choose a dog GPS strap or harness designed and made by the same company which made the GPS locator.