GPS dog collars, accessories which are made for your pet to wear to monitor its movements and activities, are becoming increasingly popular. The main function, in fact, is localisation: the GPS shows your dog’s position in real time so you can find it if it’s gone away or lost. This comes in very useful for training hunting dogs, but it’s equally useful for domestic use where you want your dog to have some freedom of movement, without having to worry about your four-legged friend getting lost or even stolen.

Dog locator: Dog Gps

Dogs, especially some specific breeds, sometimes tend to be very curious and hyperactive, but you can’t keep them on a leash all the time. The compromise comes in the form of a dog GPS, accessories which allow us – using software – to define a sort of virtual fence, an area where we know that our pet can move around freely and if it goes outside the area we’ll be immediately notified – and thanks to GPS, finding it will be a piece of cake.

GPS dog accessories

The device itself usually isn’t very big; it’s perfect for any dog and can also fit quite a few cats, if they’re not too small. To use it, simply download the mobile app, available on both iOS (iPhone) and Android (Samsung, Xiaomi etc.) and attach the device to your dog’s collar. In fact, there are accessories in the field of GPS for dogs, accessories made specifically to accommodate the receiver in the best possible way. Indeed, very often the manufacturers of the locators themselves provide collars and harnesses specially made for the purpose.

GPS collars are not only indispensable in emergencies when we can’t find our dog, but also in everyday life because, by processing the information transmitted from the device, the connected app can constantly provide us with information on our dog’s activity and state of health: if he’s running, walking or sleeping; how many calories he’s burned; etc. These additional features make GPS dog accessories indispensable for people who spend a lot of time outside the house and can’t always check how their four-legged friend is doing.