GPS dog accessories are very sought after, not only by the more anxious breed of owner, but more generally by the ones who, for whatever reason, are worried about losing sight of their trusted companion. It’s not uncommon to see requests for help on social media from people who have unfortunately lost their puppy, or others who, conversely, have found a lost dog and are trying to reunite them with their owner.

This is something which happens very often, and that’s why GPS dog accessories which show the animal’s location at all times are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the live tracking feature is the main feature of devices which are now multifunctional, and is based on the GPS technology which is also in our phones. The device connects to the network of GPS satellites and transmits its position to a server via the GMS telephony service. To be able to see these transmitted data, you just need a phone which can connect to the internet and an app (generally available for both Android and iPhone): in this mode, the software will process the data, and through a graphical interface we can actually see our four-legged friend’s location directly on the map.

GPS dog accessories

Location accessories

Although a lot of people believe it’s possible to locate their animal by implanting a GPS microchip, in reality this isn’t possible yet and the tracking module still needs to be inserted into a wearable device. These GPS dog accessories are usually for collars, but they can also be applied to harnesses. In general it’s better to always choose high-quality products, ideally made by the same company which made the device, to avoid the locator coming off the collar or harness when the animal makes sudden movements.

GPS dog accessories are locators designed specifically for dogs, and this is why in a certain sense they’re able to “translate” the information coming from the collar into a lot of information on your dog’s activity: it can establish whether he’s playing, running, sleeping and so on, which is very useful both for the daily management of the animal and in the periods of time when you can’t spend a lot of time at home but you still want to know that everything’s going well.