In the heat of the moment during hunting, a GPS collar for hunting dogs is very useful not only for dogs that are not yet trained but also more generally in order to keep your adventure companion safe and under control. In general, dogs are often very active animals and in the open countryside they tend to give vent to all the energy that they cannot fully discharge in an apartment or garden. In a way, the situation worsens when the task we give our dog is to run quickly to catch prey in the grass, trees and bushes. It goes without saying that a technology that allows us to locate our four-legged friend in real time while providing information about speed and direction of movement is something truly useful, indispensable even.

How does the GPS Collar for hunting dogs work?

A typical GPS collar for hunting dogs comprises a collar with an antenna that collects information and transmits it, and a receiver device that processes the data sent by the collar in order to display it visually on a topographical map, thus simplifying consultation.

GPS Collar for Hunting Dogs

The collar communicates with the receiver via standard protocols such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as radio frequencies to optimise range and transmission times. This necessarily limits the operating area, albeit not excessively (we are talking about several tens of metres), which can constitute a limit in contexts where the dog may run freely in very open spaces.

The cost of the topographic maps loaded on the receiver as well as potential bureaucratic problems relating to the use of radio frequencies render these devices less useful, specific cases aside. Commercial solutions that do not have a receiver but rather make use of an app to be installed on your smartphone offer roughly the same functions as the GPS collar for hunting dogs but at a much lower cost, with the additional advantage that communication can take place over a global area. The collar is equipped with a GSM telephony module capable of communicating GPS coordinates to a server whether domestically or abroad, and which can be accessed from any device capable of accessing the internet.