Are you afraid of losing your dog? The solution to keep your dog under control, monitor him at all times and track him down if he gets lost or runs away is to fit a GPS collar, a small locator that allows you to find your dog’s position. But what are the GPS apps to go with the collar?

GPS collar, how it works

Tracking your dog is easy with a GPS collar, a collar combined with a small tracker that uses the satellite tracking system to identify the correct location of your four-legged friend. The position is updated in real time and is extremely accurate, and each locator works with GPS apps that allow you to keep track of your pet with a GPS collar.

GPS app

GPS apps, what are they

All you need to track your dog is a small GPS tracker that has to be attached to the collar: the tracker can also be without a subscription and has to be connected to the dedicated app. But what are the GPS apps? With the Kippy GPS DOG LTE collar it is necessary to combine the free Kippy GPS app and a specific type of subscription from those available.

GPRS Tracker TK911 is a tracker that requires a free GPS app for iOS and Android or any Internet browser: no subscription is required and with the app you can track your four-legged friend. The Vodafone Curve GPS tracker is a device that allows you to follow the location of your four-legged friend in real time via the app, which is free, but requires a subscription.