Buying a puppy Golden Retriever is a perfect choice for the family, since it is a very sociable and affectionate breed, very meek and patient, so suitable for co-habiting with children.

How to train a puppy Golden Retriever

We can find these features in both, the adult and the puppy Golden Retriever, but we should bear in mind that its personality has not developed completely yet, so we need to train it. Deciding between adopting a puppy or an adult Golden Retriever goes along our awareness that during the first two years of co-habiting require work and efforts in order to raise it in good health and good psychological and emotive conditions.

Golden Retriever puppies

 Every dog breed has its own nature and personality, so training and education should be adapted to our dog. Talking about puppy Golden Retrievers, as we mentioned before, this is a meek and calm dog breed, so we should not show strength or fear, but we should encourage gentleness and love, positive behaviors in order to make it understand which is the limit. Golden Retrievers, since puppies, are very intelligent and learn quickly how you want them to behave and to be obedient.

Golden Retriever as first dog

According to what we have said before, a puppy Golden Retriever is the best choice for dog first-timers. Meek nature, easy to be trained and a strong friendliness makes this breed the perfect choice to enter in the canine world. It does not require any particular attention in terms of maintenance: its fur endure two fur molting and you do not need to brush it often, in terms of cleaning it loves water, but its size may cause some problems when you wash it.