The best dog breeds for children

If you have children at home and you like dogs, it is better if you pay attention on some specific features of our four-legged friends. There are some breeds that are particularly predisposed for children, that can be specifically protective, active and patient. Contrary to many people beliefs, large sized dogs are good for children, since they are protective and patient, contrary to small sized ones that could react to some jokes. Obviously, every type of dog has to be socialized among children since it is a puppy. But which are the best dogs for children? Let’s find it out together.

Dogs for children

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the perfect dog for very little children, It is very intelligenr and easy to train. It has a strong protective instinct, it is patient, reliable, intelligent, active and playful, but it needs to move a lot.

Golden Retriever

Beautiful and very friendly, it is one of the most recommended for families with kids. It loves being with its family, it is patient, reliable, intelligent, active and playful, but it needs to move a lot.

Great Dane

It is a giant dog, it is the perfect playmate for a child: it is gentle and protective, particularly recommended for a calm family. Obviously, it needs much space according to its size.


The Boxer is like an eternal puppy that always want to play: it loves children very much and it adapts to every kind of game. It is perfecr for children that are not very little, since it plays in a impetuous way.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is one of the best dog for hyperactive children. It is a very intelligent dog, it can adapt to different kind of families. It is nice, reflexive and patient, sociable and loyal, a tireless playmate that has to be constantly physically and mentally stimulated.

1 Dogs for children

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Il Cavalier King is an affectionate and meek dog, particularly recommended for families with kids. It is lively and friendly, very active and sociable that can easily adapt to every situation and needs to move.


It is a large sized dog that loves being in a family and it has a very developed protective instinct that makes it a perfect companion dog. It is an ideal dog for children, towards which it is very protective.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter, with a beautiful red fur, independent, sociable and curious. It is an intelligent and gentle dog that socialize very easily with adults, children and other dogs. The perfect playmate for hyperactive children.