For those who own a dog, trackers and other tracking devices are a godsend in order not to have to worry about losing their beloved four-legged friend. In reality, modern dog tracker collars offer much more functionality than just localization, but this is certainly the feature of most interest to those who buy a dog tracker.

Advantages of dog trackers

Taking care of a pet can be very demanding – you have to be aware of many things and ensure that our four-legged companion is always safe. This is where a dog tracker can come in handy, by giving us greater peace of mind when we go out for a walk in the street or in the park. A dog’s impulse to run off after a distraction can be stronger than our grip on its leash so that the risk of your pet darting away from you is always just around the corner. But even at home, risky situations can occur, especially for those who are used to letting their dog roam freely in the garden or yard: in all these cases, GPS localization and all its related functions allow us to entrust part of the dog’s safekeeping to a technological device which is less prone to distractions than we are.

Dog tracker

The dog tracker monitors all our dog’s movements enables it to be located in real time: with live tracking we will always know where our dog is, and if it is moving we can follow all its movements, viewing its direction and speed. In this way it will be child’s play to return to the area where our trusty four-legged friend is located and even to track them with the aid of various other signals: dog tracker collars are, in fact, very often equipped with a LED light and beepers that enable you to see precisely where your dog is once you arrive at the area indicated by the GPS.

Furthermore, thanks to the app connected to the collar, it is possible to try and completely prevent the problem of the dog straying excessively in the first place, thanks to the virtual fence or geofence function, via which you can clearly and precisely define spaces within which the dog may roam. You are then immediately warned in the event that these boundaries are exceeded in order to faciilitate prompt intervention.