How can you understand if your cat has fleas? Usually little cats tend to scratch themselves too much when they get these parasites. If you have this doubt you can try using a proper comb and verify what remain stucked on its fur. If you find some little black spots that soon become red once you squeeze them, the cat is being undoubtably attacked by fleas

What to do if your cat has fleas

Once you are sure that your cat has fleas, you should give it a proper antiparasitic treatment. You can choose among different solutions: spray, or particular spot-on you have to apply for a certain number of weeks, flea collars or pills. You should contact your veterinarian first, he will give you the best solutions not only to get rid of fleas, but also of larvae. Unfortunately, these parasites have a very fast life cycle.

Does my cat have fleas?

I have just moved and now my cat has fleas

Sometimes a cat has fleas because you have moved in a new area and it may have explored new spots, maybe in the countryside. Wiping out any doubts is the best way to avoid taking antiparasitic treatments and monitoring it in the future. The best method to do this is to make it wear a gps equipped collar and checking its trips by app.

What to do if your cat has fleas and you have other pets at home

Your cat has fleas and you fear it may be contagious for your other furry friends? Start by doing a screening. Examining the fur of the dog is easier since they usually have a less dense and fluffy fur, through which it is easier to see the skin. Bear in mind that topical treatments are harmless, so administering them regularly is a non-invasive prevention tool. If you have any doubts just contact your veterinarian. The breed of cats without fur do not suffer from this inconvenience: remember to always check on their behavior at home.