If kibble can rightly be considered as the most complete and balanced food for our four-legged friends, then we can all agree that knowing how to choose the right one for the breed, age, state of health and size of the animal is essential. But that’s not all. Not all kibbles are the same, because it is also necessary to know how to choose quality kibble. It is better not to be attracted by prices that are too low, which may conceal kibbles made with poor quality ingredients and therefore harmful to our four-legged friends. Let’s take a closer look at the kibble blacklist.

Kibble blacklist

There are a number of brands sold mainly in discount stores which we should definitely avoid. The problem is that when you read the labels you unfortunately realise that they are packed with poor and sometimes very poor quality, dubiously-sourced ingredients that do not reassure you at all about the quality of the product. The kibble must then have been analysed in terms of energy intake (calories), quantity and quality of the proteins, quality and quantity of the fats, carbohydrates which must be digestible as well as guaranteeing the correct balance of vitamins and mineral salts while the BHA and BHT antioxidants, which are harmful to animals and should be banned. On the other hand, a good kibble must be rich in proteins, useful for providing your dog with essential amino acids to aid in maintaining good muscle tone, in carbohydrates, which provide ready-to-use energy, in fats, useful for providing essential fatty acids and a source of long-term energy, and also in minerals and vitamins, which contribute to the correct physiological functioning and maintenance of a state of good health. 

Blacklisted kibble

Let’s take a look at the kibble to avoid.

Orlando (LIDL) croquettes with lamb and rice

Radames (EUROSPIN) dog food

Miglior Cane active kibble with beef

Carrefour multi kibble with beef

Friskies Vitafit Balance with chicken and vegetables

In particular, the kibble produced by Friskies or Miglior Cane was found to be blacklisted because the labels found a low amount of nutrients for dogs and not because it was produced with poor quality ingredients.