After Thanksgiving, the gift season starts and buying Black Friday dog collars could be a great solution for our four-legged friend. It would be a nice gift for both him and us if we could sleep more peacefully, knowing that even if our dog goes away for some reason we can always easily track him down and see his position on our smartphone.

Black Friday dog collars for Christmas

The tradition of Christmas shopping which begins at the end of November comes from the United States, and in recent years it has become very established among the big sellers, especially in the field of technology. This makes it the perfect time to buy Black Friday dog collars and during Cyber Monday you’ll find a lot of different offers: the important thing is not to be distracted by the flashy discount stickers but to buy a product you actually need.

Black Friday dog collars

Modern GPS locators are already much cheaper than the ones which were used before, especially in the hunting field, with the paired receiver and locator using a different localisation and communication system, which is more precise but also more limited in range, and costs several hundred euros.

Black Friday GPS dog collars

The Black Friday dog collars are the ones we interface with via smartphone: in reality the device doesn’t communicate directly with our phone, so there aren’t any compatibility problems between the locator and the various smartphone models: once the GPS collar has calculated your position, it will transmit it via GSM to a server which can then be accessed via a device with an internet connection like a mobile phone.

GPS dog collars sim and subscription

To manage the GSM connection, the various manufacturers have made different choices: some of them simply have a slot to insert a SIM which you can buy for yourself, while in other cases the GSM module is integrated into the device and the connection is managed directly by the manufacturers of the device. The first thing we’ll notice when we buy Black Friday dog collars is that the costs don’t just apply to the collar – we’ll also have to pay for the connection. The second thing I’d like to highlight is that some manufacturers have entered into agreements with different operators so the GSM connectivity managed by the manufacturer is guaranteed to be more efficient than having to buy the SIM of a single operator.