An anti-loss collar can make all the difference when we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having lost our beloved four-legged friend. Unfortunately, these are situations which aren’t all that rare and which happen for the most varied reasons: there’s something or someone to chase, loud noises (like fireworks) can scare and confuse them, etc. Just a small distraction is enough so it’s important to understand that it can never be completely prevented: keeping them on a leash or inside the house isn’t always practical or sufficient. That’s why an anti-loss collar is the right solution to ease your concerns: your dog will be free to move around the garden, and to a certain extent even in open spaces, but as owners we’ll be much more content in the knowledge that even if he goes out of our sight, he’ll be easily identifiable thanks to the anti-loss collar.

How the anti-loss collar works

The way these collars works varies depending on the model and needs: some use tags with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology which, although cheap and practical, have the big disadvantage of having a limited range, which means they’re completely useless if your dog moves a few hundred metres away.

Anti-loss collar

The ideal anti-loss collar is a GPS one, a device which can use satellite location to calculate the coordinates in which it’s located and communicate them remotely to the user. This is a technology which has evolved over time and become easier and easier to use and obtain. Nowadays it’s very affordable and once the anti-loss collar has been placed on your dog, you’ll just have to track its movements on the app developed by the manufacturers, which is usually available for both Android and iOS.

The tags won’t give us any range problems – the acronym GPS stands for Global Positioning System, because this technology uses its network of satellites to cover the entire globe. The communication between the anti-loss collar and our smartphone takes place through the GSM Telephone Line, using different operators so that we can always keep track of our four-legged friend.