Before buying on Amazon satellite collars for dogs you should read this article where I will explain some technical details and some tips to choose the best product for your needs without spending a lot of money and without wasting your money in super cheap but useless products.

First of all, if you are looking for satellite collars for dogs on Amazon I can assume that you have already made a choice and decided that the Bluetooth tags that are so fashionable are not suitable for you. A choice that I feel to share since these devices are useful to search for small objects inside the house but extremely limited in the application on dogs and animals that can go far away. The range of these tags is limited to that of the Bluetooth that even if evolved has always a range of a few meters and a signal that becomes unstable with the presence of obstacles.

Amazon satellite collars for dogs

At this point, we can already establish that buying satellite collars for dogs on Amazon is a wise choice that should be indulged in if you want to keep your furry friend safe from the risk of losing them. The satellite technology we are referring to is GPS, which is the American localization system that allows a device to connect to the satellites that are part of the constellation of this system and triangulate its position by calculating the coordinates where it is.

Types of collars on Amazon

We can find on Amazon satellite collars for dogs with or without SIM. Even here it is a choice to be pondered well. The device in fact, once determined the position, must be placed in the condition of being able to transmit its position, or to communicate it to someone. The best solution, the one that allows you to locate our dog up to the polar circle, is the use of the GSM or 2G phone line, which can be provided either by a SIM purchased separately or by the device itself. It seems obvious that in the face of a small subscription to be paid, having an internal GSM module without SIM frees us from tasks and above all allows us to rely on multiple operators and not only the one that provides us with the SIM.