In the world of satellite collars, prices vary greatly from model to model, and buying an Amazon dog GPS without a subscription is certainly one of the most sought-after options by consumers. However, this is not always possible so let’s see what this subscription consists of. Pet trackers do not represent a single category but rather a broad umbrella covering a range of different types of collar, operating via different technologies yet united mainly by their final purpose which is to determine the position of the dog and transmit this information to the owner who can then view it on a map.

Types of GPS hunting trackers

There are, especially in the hunting world, Amazon GPS dog trackers without subscription: a collar and handheld kit (which acts as a receiver) is used. Communication takes place via radio waves within a range of a few tens of metres and the topographic maps used are installed and can be consulted from the palmtop without any need for an internet connection.

Amazon dogs GPS without subscription

A perfectly closed and functioning system that has two major disadvantages however: the range is limited to just a few tens of metres, which will perhaps be sufficient during hunting but not to monitor the dog on every occasion, for example when you are at work and the dog is in the garden at home. The other limit is unfortunately represented by the price, because whilst you avoid paying a regular subscription fee, the price paid for all these services on a one-off basis amounts to several hundred euros, which can easily exceed a thousand if you have to keep more than one dog under control.

In other, more commercial solutions, Amazon GPS trackers for dogs without subscription practically do not exist since these devices need a SIM card with data in order to communicate with the dog owner: some manufacturers provide their own GSM card and therefore you pay the company that provides the collar for the subscription; others, on the other hand, do not provide the SIM and it will therefore be up to the end user to buy it separately and pay for the related data plan. Just bear in mind that compared to buying an Amazon GPS dog tracker without a subscription, some of the manufacturers that do provide a SIM also guarantee the possibility of relying on multiple telephone operators so as to always have better coverage.