We all know that every animal, however domestic it may be, loves to run around in the open air now and then, and it’s in these cases that an adjustable dog collar will come in handy. Also, depending on the breed and personality, we may have to deal with very active and playful dogs which get carried away with their enthusiasm and curiosity and move further away. 

In these cases obviously a leash can help but you can’t keep them on it the whole time – your dog also needs some freedom, and this is where GPS devices come in. Attached to an adjustable dog collar, they allow us to keep track of our four-legged friend’s position and movements on our phone at all times. It’s a very convenient device which means we don’t have to carry around a special handheld tracker and spend a lot of money unnecessarily. Thanks to GSM communication and the mobile app which acts as an interface, you won’t need any extra gadgets and it will be much easier and more convenient to use the collar, without sacrificing precision and accuracy. The margin of error in the position is just one or two metres, and there are plenty of software-side measures you can take to minimise any possible interference or unexpected issues.

Adjustable dog collar

Adjustable collar with locator

The adjustable dog collar is an ideal accessory in general to help owners manage their pets. It isn’t just useful when your dog moves away or gets lost; it also offers a whole series of features which help to avoid these situations and to monitor the animal’s activities, and get some idea of their general state of health.

With the device always on, you can keep track of when your dog is sleeping, moving, running etc. By getting to know our animal and comparing what it’s getting up to with a normal day, we can easily see if anything is different – for example, if it spends too much time sleeping, this might give us a clue that maybe there’s something wrong. So the adjustable dog collar becomes a kind of canine fitness band and in fact, it can even estimate the number of calories they’ve consumed: with this device, taking care of your dog will become much easier.