If a puppy is about to come into your home, the excitement is sure to be over the top. What could be nicer than a little fluffy puppy? Here’s everything you need to know about what to do with a two-month-old puppy.

How to Welcome a puppy into your home

Are you just about to get a puppy? Then it is important to know everything about welcoming a puppy at home. Like a child, in fact, the little furry puppy will need a lot of attention, especially at the beginning. Cuddles and caresses galore, but also the right rules. The house will have to be prepared for his arrival and all members of the family will have to be aligned on the rules to follow.

We know that it is difficult to scold a puppy but it must be educated to avoid more serious problems once it reaches adulthood. First of all, choose a nice, soft kennel (or even more than one to be placed in several rooms) and decide where to place it. Consider that your puppy won’t want to be lonely, so place it in the rooms where you stay the most. Toys and balls are also useful for playtime. For the first few nights, we know it will be hard not to pay attention to the probable moaning, but hold on, it’s right that the puppy learns to sleep alone in its own space. In the area where he will be eating, always keep a bowl of fresh water available. Don’t forget the sleepers, he will still have to learn how to go to the toilet. It takes calm and patience, but you already know that.

What to do with a two-month-old puppy

How to feed a puppy

Like all puppies, your little friend will be a bit lost at first. Don’t worry, after a few days he’ll be the king of the house! But how to feed a puppy? A two-month-old dog is certainly already weaned and, therefore, bye-bye mother’s milk, it’s time for kibble! We usually recommend dry food, perhaps slightly moistened with lukewarm water. The puppy must get used to chew. On the market you will find different options of all kinds and you can also choose the food components you prefer. Always look for the right balance between protein, vitamins, fiber, etc.. Nutrition is very important for your puppy. Initially, your puppy will tend to eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner); later on, the dose should be divided into two or one phase per day. Feeding, playing and loving your puppy is a lot of fun!