Especially during summer months, the phenomenon of abandonment unfortunately becomes more and more widespread. But what should you do if you find an abandoned dog in the street? How should you behave? Here you can find some useful information.

Lost or stray dog?

Have you ever come across a stray and lost dog? The situation is not always easy to handle and it is important to know how to help a lost dog. First of all, not all stray dogs are necessarily abandoned dogs. It could be a lost dog that got lost moving too far away from its home. How to proceed then? If the dog moves in a confused way, looking around, without having a precise direction, probably it is a lost dog or, unfortunately, abandoned. If, instead, the dog moves quietly around, self-confident, probably it is a dog that usually stays in that place and, probably, it has someone who takes care of it. Certainly, the general physical condition that you will see at first glance, will immediately give you a precise idea of the condition of the dog. If it is healthy and fit, it is surely an animal that lives in the area, whereas if it is visibly too skinny or injured, it will probably be in that spot not by choice.

What to do if you find an abandoned dog

As a first step you can try to approach it calmly, letting it smell your hand and give it a caress. Always approach in a calm way and verify that the animal wants to be touched. If you find a tag, that’s it, you can return the puppy to its rightful owners.

What to do if the dog has been deliberately abandoned

As mentioned above, you need to approach the animal calmly, avoiding sudden movements. The dog might be affable and, in no time, will approach you to play with you, but it might also show aggressiveness. We don’t know his history, so it’s best to proceed with caution. If you have water or some food available, you can try to approach it by offering it some from your hand. The animal needs to gain confidence, don’t hurry. The dog needs to be reassured, he may have suffered trauma or even be injured. If you can approach him, check the telephone numbers on the tag and try to contact the owners.

1 What to do if you find an abandoned dog

If the name is engraved you can try to call him, so that he recognizes it. If the owners answer, you can proceed and help them find it. Unfortunately, this is often not the case: no tag, no contact details. In this case it is better to contact the authorities in charge who will take care of the abandoned dog, bringing it in a structure and giving it the best care. A dog removed from the street is a dog with a new chance of life, do not ignore it.