Constipation is not a problem that involves only human beings. Even our furry friends can suffer from it. What should you do in these cases?

DIY methods

You should not forget it is always better to consult an expert when facing health issues, if you are not facing some serious issues, you can try to help your pet by yourself. For instance, try to give your pet an active lifestyle: physical activity helps maintaining active the digestive system. You can try to add to its diet some fibers like pumpkin, chopped vegetables, coconut fibers; if they are good for us they can also be good for the pet! Probiotics and enzymes can solve constipation problems. You can also add to dry food some canned wet food. Another easy method to solve it quickly is the incredible mix of ginger and soup (chicken or beef). In the most serious cases, you can use milk or olive oil, but in small amounts. You don’t want to switch from consumption to the opposite problem.

What to do if the dog is constipated

Consumption causes in dogs

The reasons behind consumption may be different and diy methods don’t always solve the problem. Consumption may be due to eating bones, toys or stones that block feces, and can cause enlargement of the prostatic gland, abscesses of anal sacs, poor physical activity, too much or few fibers in its diet, dehydration, some side effects to medications, masses or tumors. Often you can solve it with some little procedures, but sometimes it is compulsory contacting a veterinarian. When? Every time you notice your solution do not show any improvement and your dog still have consumption. If the dog doesn’t feel better in two days, if you notice blood in its feces do not hesitate to contact an expert. Sometimes consumption may lead to other pathologies like problems to the urinary tract. Specifically, if consumption involves a puppy it is better to consult a specialist before doing anything. Health first of all!