The question “What dog breed am I?” can assume two different meanings: associating one’s personality to a dog breed can be a fun experiment, but on the other hand searching for similarities and differences can help us focusing our energies on the dog breed suited for us.

Every single dog breed has its personality, who do you look like?

Some dog breed have such strong personality traits that we have invented some figures of speech, for example we call someone strong-willed and authoritarian a Hound. If you are a reflexive person, someone who does not go into the battle, you surely are a psychological person as the Great Dane or the Greyhound: these dogs could strike fear thanks to their size, but their elegant posting makes them similar to some four-legged philosophers. If you are a hot-tempered and stubborn person, you could get along well with Fox Terrier, affectionally called The Brawlers and so on.

What dog breed are you?

The affinity game is essential in order to choose the most suitable dog breed for you

Contrary to the funny personality tests, discovering which dog breed are more suitable for us can help us choosing dogs with which we can build a long-standing path, especially if we are newbies. A stubborn, independent and hyperactive dog as the Bull Terrier is not suitable for a person who is looking for a calm friend, that can get along with everyone. As the stylish Borzoi,with a melancholic and detached aura, is not so suitable for a person who looks for an adventurous and roughhouse friend.

There are no dogs I identify myself with, perhaps I have a cat personality?

We usually say that people are divided into those with a dog attitude and the other with a cat attitude. If you fancy being on your own, but at the same time being in contact with your most trustworthy friends, if you like exploring reality at your own rhythm, studying every situation, but also sleeping in a warm environment in your spare time… maybe you’re a cat person!