The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog appreciated for its company and its sociable personality.

It has an elegant look, a long and hydro repellent fur, its coat is flat or waved with good fringes, its body is strong, but its movement are fluid and harmonious.

It is a very intelligent and obedient dog, with an inborn predisposition to work, it is very sociable, friendly and trusting dog, it loves its family and it is very affectionate with children.

Golden retriever, its features

The Golden Retriever is rooted in Scotland, when it was selected in XIX Century to be a retriever dog for items fallen in water or on the ground and also as a hunting dog for aristocrats.

It has an elegant and harmonious look, it is very obedient, intelligent, with an inborn predisposition towards work, it is very friendly, nice and trusting:  beyond being a very renowned companion dog, it is a dog used by Civil Protection during emergency situations to rescue people during avalanches, crumble of buildings and, as a water lover, during sea rescue.

The Golden Retriever

It is particularily fitted for reasearch thanks to its keen sense of smell, but it is wanted by associations interested in training dogs for visually impaired support.

The color of puppies may vary from golden, amber and cream depending on the single dog: the Golden has a very calm personality, quiet charachter, it is very playful, but tends to suffer solitude, so it should not remain alone for too many hours at home.

It is fitted to be a companion also for first timers in canine world, it is sociable with people, with other dogs, lovable with children.

It can adapt in a good way to family and loft life, but it needs to be on the outside: Golden does not need particular care for cleaning, but its diet has to be kept under control since it may gain weight. Not only a healthy living, you need also to provide it excellent food and guarantee its constant physical activity. Golden may have inherited pathologies such as cardiopathies, and it seems to be particularily predisposed towards subaortic stenosis, Mitral and tricuspid valve dysplasia, but it may incur in elbow and thigh dysplasia, so you have to check its parents’ good health status.