According to Guinness World Record, the record for the tallest dog in the world belongs to a couple of Great Danes coming from two different countries, but there is no “size” record. The tallest of all was called Zeus and exceeded 2 metres of height when it stood on its paws. Let’s see which breeds have uncommon height or size.

The tallest dogs in the world

Beyond the already mentioned Great Dane, among the tallest dogs in the world we have the Wolfhound, with 60/90 cm of height at the withers, flexible and meek. Even the Newfoundland can reach great heights, but in its case stands up the combination of its features… but despite the size, this dog is flexible and is used being in the water. Another dog that tends to be very tall is the Leonberger, very much appreciated for its tan fur and its intelligence.

The biggest dogs in the world

Many of the dogs we will talk abou are not so tall, but they have great heigths as well. We’re talking about the mountain dog of the Pyrenees, Cangals (Antaolian Shepherds), St. Bernards and Cane Corso. These breeds have very different attitudes but usually meek, except for the Cangal that cannot be a pet according to European Union. Big dogs usually have a good worker attitude, this is the only aspect that makes them hard to manage… if we want to adopt a big dog we should adapt our days in order fro it to feel useful for the family, while keeping it in shape.

The biggest dogs in the world

Lesser-known big dogs breeds.

There are many other big dogs, lesser-known than the others mentioned. We’re talking about the Tibetan Mastiff, the Chow Chow, the Landseer and South African Boerboel and many more. Raising these dogs is not so popular in Europe because they can suffer from pollution and closed spaces, and that can hardly adapt to urban areas.