If you have a dog at home, then you will know that your four-legged friend has many different needs. From food and water bowls to collars with tags and leashes, from coats and car seat covers to hygienic mats for puppies, their needs are many and varied. But there are not only useful accessories – the market is full of special accessories for dogs. Bizarre or futile, useful or unthinkable, here are some tips for buying some unusual accessories for your dog.

Accessories for dogs, the most particular 

Yes, there are non-slip and rainproof shoes also for your dog’s paws. Easy to wear and available in different sizes, they can be worn on rainy or snowy days to protect your friend’s paws and pads without forgetting that they are certainly useful for a question of hygiene. They are also perfect to wear if your dog has an injured paw. If it is raining and you have a small or medium-sized dog at home, the dog umbrella, also known as dogbrella, is just the thing for you. It has an adjustable handle and is, of course, made of transparent polyester, which means you can always keep an eye on your friend while out for a walk. And for lazy dogs who don’t like to walk, here comes the dog pram, the solution that has mesh parts to allow your dog to observe the world during the walk, not forgetting a practical storage compartment.

Special accessories for dogs

For a small- to medium-sized dog, the car seat is the perfect choice. It’s practical, dark (it should be attached to the seat belt), and suitable for placing on the front or rear seats. If you don’t want to lose sight of your pet for even a moment, then you can buy a mini-size dog camera that you can connect via app to your smartphone to monitor your dog when you are away, talk to him, be alerted if he starts barking. If you are looking for special accessories for dogs, to stimulate your four-legged friend’s intellect and curiosity, you can choose a different kind of mat. This is an interactive mat that reproduces the smell of grass, perfect for those days when you just can’t go outside. It is also perfect for hiding kibble and stimulating your dog’s sense of smell.