What is the price of a Siberina Husky?

The price for a Siberian Husky is between 1200-1500 Euros, even though it is not hard finding some puppies on the market at lower prices (sometimes half of it), but a lower price is not always a good deal, it is better being super cautious in these cases and ensure everything is in order.

Origin, influences and price of a Siberian Husky

While evaluating a Siberian Husky price the first thing to consider is the origin farm, since how the puppy and its parents have been grown is very important and it will have some influence on your relationship. Siberian Husly are “herd” animals, very sociable even with strangers and tend to recognize and obey to the leader of the pack: these inborn features should be preserved and stimulated making it socialize the puppy during the first months of its life indulging its playful and active instinct. The price of a Siberian Husky should not be evaluated only from a money point of view when you buy it, but you should also evaluate the difficulties that a puppy raised not according to standards can concretely and emotionally face.

Siberian Husky price

Pay attention to the price, but also to the health of a Siberian Husky

The health is another factor that affect the price of a Siberian Husky, since it is recommended buying a puppy at least two or three months old, already wormed and that have already begun vaccinations. Usually farms precisely respect these prescriptions, but when you buy it in a shop or from a private you should pay attention on the dog’s health and the sanitary treatments it has already endured.

If you consider also maintenance costs we should say that Siberian Husky do not require more than other dogs. It is necessary guaranteeing quality and well-balanced nutrition, since it tends to gain weight if you do not let it be active as it truly is, and also the health of the fur depends on what it eats.