Many pet owners know what it means to live with the fear of losing them and for this reason they often find themselves evaluating the purchase of a satellite collar to always have a watchful eye on them. It essentially consists of a GPS tracker inserted into the collar, although over time the functionality has greatly expanded. The current low cost and ease of use through an app on your mobile phone now make the purchase of a satellite collar absolutely recommended regardless of whether you are apprehensive people or not. After all, we hear every day about people who have to face the bitter experience of having lost their cat or dog and having to start that desperate search hoping for luck.

Satellite collar, why it is necessary to not to lose your dog

A satellite collar serves precisely to prevent this, or rather, to ensure that in the event that our four-legged friend is away for any reason is then not only possible but also relatively immediate to trace its location and bring it home safely.

Satellite collar

The technology behind a satellite collar is similar to that of a smartphone in the end. The GPS module is the master obviously because it has the task of hooking up to the satellites to determine the coordinates where you are, but next to this main part we also find Bluetooth, wi-fi and even a GSM module with a lot of SIMs. These additional elements serve both to contribute to the calculation of the position and to allow the collar to send the information collected to the mobile phone on we’re going to consult the position in real time.

GPS technology has in fact been part of people’s lives for almost thirty years now, and especially those who experienced it at the beginning had to learn to live with some of its limitations such as the timing of access to satellites, inaccuracies in the presence of obstacles, etc.. Exploiting, instead, the characteristics of the other communication protocols it is possible to refine in a certain sense the calculation of the position exploiting the telephone cells or wi-fi and even Bluetooth. In this way finding your dog will no longer be a desperate task entrusted to luck but only a small inconvenience easily solved.