A hunter without his trusty companion is lost, and the satellite collar for hunting dogs is the best tool for preventing this situation. This is a more or less complex piece of equipment which, first and foremost, monitors the position of the animal and tracks its movements; this essential function is supplemented by a whole series of additional features designed specifically for our four-legged friends.

In hunting, these devices are widely used, especially in those types of hunting where the dog is chasing prey and can therefore move far and fast away from its owner’s position. The ability to monitor movements and locate the dog’s position with a certain degree of accuracy allows all hunting activity to take place with greater safety and tranquillity for both the person and the animal.

Satellite collar for hunting dogs

If you are looking for a satellite collar for hunting dogs, the first thing you need to know is that nowadays there is a wide choice in terms of both technology and price. The most expensive ones are certainly those that require a PDA to be used. All the technology is concentrated in that device and it is therefore the element that has the greatest impact on the price. They make use of radio-wave communication systems, whose occupied frequencies must be authorised in advance, and are by far the most accurate devices.

With the increasing complexity and functions of smartphones, a satellite collar for hunting dogs that does not use a handheld device but interfaces directly with its own mobile app is now much more affordable. By means of well-designed software, these considerably less expensive devices (less than a tenth of the price of handheld devices) are able to offer an equally precise localisation service with the same additional features as more expensive models. Some manufacturers require the user to purchase a separate SIM card and subscribe to GPS maps, but this is not always the case. On the contrary, a satellite collar for hunting dogs is readily available on Amazon, which does not require a SIM card and only requires a subscription for connectivity to communicate its position via GSM.