Owing to the many functions that a dog collar can perform, price and utility vary based on our needs and how much technology is included. In general, starting with the most basic models, dog collars cost fairly little, since they essentially perform the task of “controlling” the dog: they allow us to attach a leash for walking, and if the dog is found alone, a collar is a clear sign that it is a domestic dog (not a stray), thus facilitating the finding of our furry friend should they wander off.

Certain dog collars cost more because they have an antiparasitic function: they are soaked in substances that are usually not harmful to the dog or humans but which repel the various insects and parasites that can lurk in the canine fur.

Price of dog collar

Prices for a dog collar

Beyond aesthetic factors and preferences for particular materials in a dog collar, the price rises further when we consider those that integrate a smart system for localisation and the monitoring of our dog’s activities. After all, come to think of it, it is an evolution of the more basic counterpart: in both instances we want to avoid the dog going too far and getting lost, as well as having a degree of control over what he does. These are now easily found for around fifty euros, and make it possible not only to access real-time monitoring of the position of our faithful companion but also to check up on what he is doing and if he is behaving in a different way than usual.

The location functions are very useful not only in the case that the dog goes astray, making it necessary to search for him; they actually show their value even before, in preventing this from happening in the first place. We know that many dogs love the outdoors to run and play, but gardens are not always able to contain their exuberance. This is why the GPS collar offers the convenient function of being able to design a sort of virtual fence: through the app, we define an area large enough for the dog to feel comfortable, and when it leaves that space we are immediately notified so as to be able to intervene promptly before it can get away or get hurt.