Our feline friends are free spirits so having a GPS cat collar, an iPhone 13 and a bit of chill can help in those times when our friend decides to spend a little more time outside the home. However territorial they might be, plenty of cats love to explore, always looking for new crevices to hide in and high places to reach; the result is that sometimes in doing so they have some difficulty finding their way home, or lose it altogether. In these circumstances it’s easy to imagine the desperation of the cat’s owner and that’s why we buy a tracker: some people do it after they’ve already lost and found their cat to avoid having to go through the same distressing experience, while others do it in advance for preventive purposes – but what matters is the fact that we can track the movements of our favourite animal.

iPhone 13 GPS Cat Collar

GPS Dog Collars

In the past, GPS collars were almost exclusively reserved for dogs as they were rather bulky and unsuitable for cats, but in recent years the progress made in the smartphone sector has also led to several improvements in the construction of tracking devices for animals. The reduction in the size of the GPS modules to make them fit into ever thinner smartphones and the lower impact on battery consumption has meant that nowadays, a cat GPS collar for iPhone 13 can be safely applied even to a medium-sized cat without bothering it too much.

GPS Cat Collar for iPhone 13

This means that even when we leave the house we can have in the palm of our hand a report on what the cat’s doing at home or in the garden: if it’s sleeping, running around etc. A very useful function which has been integrated into the most recent models and which we should look for when buying a GPS cat collar for iPhone 13 is the possibility of creating a virtual fence, i.e. defining an area within which the cat is free to move but where if it crosses the borders we’ll immediately get a notification giving us the possibility to immediately track down our cat without giving him the opportunity to stray too far.