A GPS tracker can be very useful but you may well have doubts as to how to get your cat used to the collar. Cats are generally resistant to any form of constraint. Some are perhaps more docile, but typically cats demonstrate an irrepressible spirit of freedom, and therefore do not easily accept having to stay in one place, wear a collar, etc.

If you are wondering how to get the cat used to the collar, especially if it is a GPS tracker, the first piece of good news is that today these devices are much smaller than in the past when they were really only feasible for dogs. Most manufacturers of GPS trackers for pets certify their usability for medium-sized cats from 4 kg upwards. Of course, this may change from cat to cat. Each cat has its own personality regardless of its breed, and so in order to find a way to accustom your cat to the collar you must take account of its character and its way of behaving.

How to get your cat used to the collar

The steps to follow to get your cat used to the collar

In general, a GPS collar for an adult cat is not very different in size from any other collar for which essentially the same rules and the same advice apply – first of all, that of giving the cat time to familiarise itself with the new object. Smells are very important, so try rubbing the collar on your pet’s favourite bed or blanket, and allow your pet to smell it directly in order to become used to the idea that it is something familiar.

The next step is to simply to put the collar on your cat: it is best to find a moment when your cat is calm, perhaps dozy, and try to put it on gently while talking to them in an affectionate voice. The cat’s first reaction is usually to run away quickly and try to take it off. It may even succeed in pulling it off with its paws, but have a little patience because most of the time after a few attempts it will give up and accept the accessory for a while. If, on the other hand, your cat’s reaction is much stronger, I advise you to take it off and try again after a while has passed, attempting to get them to keep it on for longer and longer until they get used to it. For some smaller cats the GPS collar could actually be a bit uncomfortable. In this case you can opt for a harness and attach the tracker to that. More or less the same advice applies as to how to get your cat used to wearing it.