Cats are definitely sleepy animals and, despite their predatory nature, they love to indulge in long naps. Age certainly affects the hours of daily sleep. How long does a cat sleep? Lets find out below.

How many hours do cats sleep

Lovers of adventure, cats are known to be animals of the world, always wandering around browsing here and there. But is it really so? In fact, cats love to sleep a lot and anyone who owns a feline knows this well. A nap out in the sun, on the scratching post in unlikely positions or even on our bed: cats are really lazy! In fact, cats need many hours of sleep to stay healthy and restore their energies. An adult cat, in fact, can sleep up to 16 hours a day. A cat is considered an adult after one year of life; up to this point it is considered a kitten and sleeps even longer. Cats never sleep 16 hours straight but nevertheless they will take many daily naps here and there. It will not take much to wake them up during a nap – they will get up and go to a quieter place or run around in some hidden spot. Long, deep sleep, on the other hand, occurs 1 or 2 times a day. An older cat will sleep a lot more than a young feline: this means about 18 hours a day.

How long does a cat sleep?

How many hours does a kitten sleep

When it comes to kittens, regardless of breed or gender, the story is always the same: eat, sleep, repeat! So even kittens spend a lot of time sleeping. A kitten can sleep up to 20 hours a day. During the first days of life (up to the 4th or 5th week), kittens sleep most of the day. But why, and most importantly, is it normal? Yes, absolutely! In fact, kittens have a hormone that is released during sleep and promotes growth, so many hours of sleep ensure proper development.

1 How long does a cat sleep?

If you own a cat, you may have noticed that cats tend to move paws and claws – all normal, it’s part of the development process. Starting from the 5th week, the hours of sleep will decrease and be alternated with moments of play and leisure, patrolling the house and indulging in tricks! Now you know everything about cats’ sleeping time. Have a nice nap!