A hairless cat? It may sound strange, but it’s true! Though cats are known for their magnificent fur, which is soft and fluffy to stroke, there are also hairless cats found in nature. These felines have ancient origins, as can be seen from Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back over 5000 years, but it was only in 1966 that the first breeding was established. Let’s find out a few more details about the hairless cat, its character and its peculiarities.

The characteristics of hairless cats

The hairless cat is nothing new from a historical point of view. They are very old cats, but have only been bred since the mid-1960s in America. 

Hairless cat

The main characteristic of the hairless cat is the absence of hair, perhaps due to a spontaneous mutation of the recessive gene known as hr. As this is a recessive gene, it can be passed on for several generations without any visible effects unless two cats with the same genetic mutation are allowed to mate. The hairless cat is not actually hairless: it may appear to be naked, but it has a tiny layer of hair that can only be noticed when stroking the cat. The hairless cat is an extremely delicate animal that obviously suffers from the cold in winter and is at risk of sunburn in summer. As such, they need special care. Despite their hairless appearance, hairless cats can also cause allergies, which are not caused by the hair itself, but by the presence of the protein, Fel D1, contained in the cat’s saliva. Not all hairless cats are the same, however, as there are different breeds, which are similar but actually different. The Peterbald hairless cat is the most common, a hybrid between a Russian hairless (Donskoy) and an oriental Shorthair female. Given of a long tail similar to that of a mouse it is a cat which is characterized by its mewing.

The Canadian Sphynx, also known as the Naked Cat, is a very intelligent and affectionate cat that enjoys close contact with humans and is always looking for cuddles and affection. One of the most expensive cats on the market, the Elf cat is a rare hybrid breed created by crossing the Sphynx with the American Curl.