GPS trackers for dogs are now commonly used accessories among pet owners in general thanks to the fact that this type of technology has become so much cheaper and more easily accessible. Much is due to innovations in the smartphone sector, where GPS has become one of the basic features of mobile phones even in the most basic versions.

The innovation of GPS trackers

This has ensured that GPS receivers have not only become cheaper, but also smaller and less demanding in terms of battery consumption. This in turn made it possible to attach such a tracking device to a collar or a harness, without causing discomfort to the dog and even being given the seal of approval by cats. The ‘smart’ nature of GPS dog trackers means they interface with mobile apps which provide constant monitoring not only of the location but also of the activities of your dog, so you can take better care of your four-legged friends by better understanding their needs.

GPS trackers for dogs

Just as our most valuable possessions can now be equipped with tracking devices, our even more precious four-legged friends deserve the same care in keeping them safe. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to keep our dog at home with us and there are instead many occasions in which our dog can unintentionally get separated from us and no longer be able to find its way home. Someone may leave the courtyard gate open, or during a walk your pet may start chasing something… In short, a little carelessness is enough to create panic over having lost your furry companion. With live tracking, all this potential drama will be reduced to a minor inconvenience that can be easily addressed with just a few taps on your smartphone: the communication without range limits guaranteed by the GSM 2G line of GPS trackers for dogs means we can see the position of our dog at all times and follow its movements in order to be able to trace it easily. Some of these devices also feature an LED light which can be switched on remotely, and even acoustic signals via which to identify the animal’s location even better if they are hiding because they are afraid for example.