The small dog GPS collar is a seemingly simple device that offers a wealth of features to help pet owners take better care of their pets. It is not just a locator, but a real smart device that can monitor our dog or cat and inform us at all times where it is and what it is doing. But let’s take a step-by-step look at what you get when you buy a small dog GPS collar.

GPS collar technology for small dogs

The main element is the GPS module, which is contained in that little box that is attached to the collar or harness and which represents the entire hardware part. The device’s main task is to lock onto satellites and determine the earth’s positioning coordinates. These coordinates must then be transmitted to us who want to know the dog’s position, and communication is in most cases via the GSM module built into the collar: via the 2G telephone line, the collar can send data either directly to the mobile phone at certain intervals or by remaining in constant communication with a server in order to be able to track the position in real time. This requires a periodic subscription for the SIM card and its tariff plan, but it is necessary in order to have a valid, functional and above all useful product.

GPS small dog collar

Why a GPS collar is essential for your dog

In order to access and view the position data sent by the collar, you simply need to install an app on your phone, whether Android or iOS, and you will be able to view those coordinates directly as a dot on the map that you can follow as the dog moves and thus be able to track him. Thanks to the algorithms encoded by the developers, the app is not only able to display the position in real time, but also allows you to interact with the collar via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to take advantage of other features such as a virtual fence and a virtual leash: in the first case, a static area is defined that serves as a safe zone, while in the second case, this safe area is imagined as a circle of a certain radius around us and becomes very useful during walks.

And don’t forget the activity tracking part of the GPS small dog collar, which allows you to monitor all your dog’s activities throughout the day and keep a record of whether your dog is getting enough exercise and adjust his diet accordingly.