Our furry friends need constant attention, to a greater or lesser extent, but a GPS puppy collar allows us to manage these initial phases of their lives a little better, where it is also important to provide some discipline for their future growth.

The GPS collar for puppies can easily be the same as the one used for more adult dogs, or rather the device itself remains the same. With research and technological development in recent years, the size of the GPS receiver has been greatly reduced, as has its power consumption, with the result that a smaller GPS module combined with a smaller battery with no loss of battery life has led to the release on the market of devices with very small dimensions: small boxes whose longest dimension is just over 5 centimetres, therefore a device suitable for any dog but also for puppies and even medium-sized adult cats.

GPS puppy collar

Is the GPS collar annoying for a puppy?

The puppy GPS collar, therefore, should not cause any problems or annoyance to your beloved four-legged puppy, but if you find that it could be annoying when applied to the collar, the problem can be easily remedied by opting for a harness to which the device can be applied and which is also perfect for a walk in the street or in the park. In fact, it is precisely in this type of situation that the GPS puppy collar shows all its usefulness, i.e. situations where there is a potential risk of the animal escaping.

This is true for adults, let alone puppies, who are always hyperactive, dedicated and playful, always curious about everything: it doesn’t take much to lose sight of them, which is not very pleasant since as puppies they don’t yet have the tools to face the world and defend themselves. The puppy GPS collar is useful not only for solving such situations but also for preventing them, which is even better. One of the collar’s localisation functions is the virtual leash, thanks to which we receive a warning as soon as the dog is within a certain radius of us, so that we can intervene immediately and retrieve our furry puppy before it strays too far or even ends up hurting itself.