Even the relationship between pet and its owner is today the subject of technological innovation, and the GPS locator for animals is perhaps one of the most interesting developments when it comes to taking better care of your dog or cat. It is a device that was originally used mainly with dogs in the hunting world where these companions are required to run in wide open spaces when chasing or pointing prey.

In the most heated moments and surrounded by trees, tall grass, etc. it is quite easy to lose sight of your dog, and so the GPS locator for animals is an excellent ally, enabling hunters to find the dogs easily by viewing their position on a digital map. Satellite collars for hunting dogs have particular characteristics to suit the needs of that specific environment but are not necessarily suitable for an everyday context; so when you want to buy a GPS locator for animals, you need to opt for somewhat simpler solutions, but which are just as functional nonetheless.

GPS locator for animals

All GPS tracker functions

The most common devices are now very small and feature not only the GPS module for localization but also other sensors that help to monitor the activities of our dog or cat more broadly.

It is no longer necessary to possess a dedicated handheld device in order to communicate with the collar. Nowadays you can simply download an app on your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, to be able to comfortably access all the functions of the GPS locator for animals.

Why buy a tracker

Obviously, the localization function is the defining feature, especially with live tracking that allows you to know where your animal is in real time and view its movements. The leash and virtual fence features are also very useful, informing us promptly if our four-legged friend has strayed too far and therefore enabling us to intervene as soon as possible.

Further functions include activity tracking, via which we can monitor the activities that the animal carries out day by day, consequently obtaining a useful record of information via which to oversee its health and well-being.