GPS dog collars are like any technology product – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two great days to try and find the right offer and save some money. While in the past pet trackers were used only in specific areas and were something of a niche product, today the technological evolution has greatly reduced the costs of a GPS for dogs, so Black Friday is a great opportunity to take advantage of the competition between the various manufacturers to buy a tracker to monitor our animal.

Black Friday Dog GPS: Which one?

The first thing to know is that when we’re talking about GPS for dogs on Black Friday, we’re going to be buying a much more complex device which is capable of performing many functions and proving useful from different points of view. Obviously the fact that we can check our dog’s position in real time 24/7, however far away he is, represents the main functionality of these devices but there are also others – some are always related to the size of the location, while others offer reports on what your dog’s up to and, indirectly, on his state of health.

GPS for dogs Black Friday

In fact, the real-time localisation system allows us to take advantage of the “virtual fence” function, which is an area defined by us where we know that the dog can move around freely but if he goes outside it for any reason, we’ll be immediately warned so that we can promptly intervene.

Black Friday Dog GPS: Activity Tracker

As for monitoring activities, the Black Friday dog GPS allows us to keep track of everything our four-legged friend does during the day thanks to the software which can recognise these activities and classify them differently depending on whether the dog is sleeping, running, playing, walking etc. The possibility of being able to automatically record all these data offers the undoubted advantage of having a history with which to compare the data collected every day and consequently being able to immediately spot if something’s wrong if we notice sudden changes compared to the usual routine.

Taking all these functions into account, today the cost of these devices is quite low and even more so buying a Black Friday dog GPS could be a purchase which is as cheap as it is wise.