As with any technology product to buy GPS dogs Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent excellent opportunities to find juicy discounts and good opportunities to put in the cart some collar that you were aiming for a long time but at a good price this time. In fact, the cost of these devices is now very low thanks to the optimizations on the software side and improvements made to the hardware by taking the solutions that have been developed in the smartphone field.

Black Friday: what to buy

The result is that dog trackers have become real smart devices and therefore the combination GPS dogs – Black Friday is a good one. In addition to live tracking, in fact, these devices, which are mostly presented as collars, now contain a good supply of sensors that allows you to collect much more information and process them to have a complete monitoring of the daily activities of our dog.

GPS Dogs Black Friday

Obviously the real-time location tracking remains the main feature, the one that still identifies these devices as GPS trackers and that most of the times attracts people interested in buying GPS dogs on Black Friday. The need to keep your dog safe is always alive and fortunately these devices are now much more accessible to the general public both in terms of cost and ease of use. All you need is a smartphone to view the real-time position of your dog in the application and thus know where they are in case of loss or even just to make sure they are safe at home. Indeed, in this regard, there is an interesting function, that of the virtual fence that allows you to define a specific area in the app within which the dog can move freely but beyond which triggers an alert that warns us that the dog is moving away.

To tell the truth, thanks to the presence of gyroscope, accelerometer and other components of this type, buying a GPS dog, Black Friday or not, you bring home a smart device with many functions. The algorithm is able to process the data it receives in order to automatically detect the activities carried out. Whether running, resting, sleeping or walking, the collar communicates constantly with our smartphone so that we have a record and complete control over our dog.