Prices for a dog collar with GPS are very affordable these days. It is true that there are very expensive models that can cost up to a thousand euros, but these are devices that are useful in specific areas and in most cases, for the most common needs, they would even be inefficient despite their commercial value.

Even if you just take a quick look around on the Internet, you will realise that the average price for a dog collar with GPS is in the order of a few dozen euros, around fifty, without sacrificing precision and functionality. On the contrary, these are often smart devices that enrich localisation with additional and different features that make these accessories much more than simple live tracking devices, but much smarter and multifunctional devices.

GPS dog collar prices

What do GPS collars do?

In addition to the GPS module, this type of affordable GPS dog collar also integrates a very good set of sensors to provide comprehensive monitoring of the dog’s activity. Together with the position coordinates, the collar also sends all the information obtained from the various sensors moment by moment: these data are collected and processed by the algorithm at the base of the app, which is able to establish with a certain degree of approximation, automatically, what kind of activity the dog is doing: if, for example, the dog was lying down to rest and suddenly notices something that he decides to chase, the collar detects the excited movements, the speed of movement, etc.. understands that the dog has started to run and records this activity along with the others. At the end of the day a report will show the level of activity carried out, the calories consumed, etc., so that we can assess the dog’s physical condition and perhaps decide to intervene to get him to do more activity or to change the dog’s diet on the basis of the calories usually consumed.

In conclusion, we can say that the dog collar with GPS at a modest price is an excellent tool for ensuring that we never lose our dog again and that he lives a long and healthy life.