It is not easy to give a straightforward answer to the question of what the price of a GPS dog collar might be, because this category includes products that are very different from each other, not so much from a functional point of view, but in terms of their philosophy of use. In fact, it is necessary to consider that very often the purchase price is not the only economic factor to be taken into consideration because when you take a common GPS dog collar the overall price is given by the one-off purchase cost plus the periodic subscription needed to be able to use all the services connected to the device.

GPS collars without a subscription

We could start from the most extreme situation, the one in which the subscription is not made so you only have to pay the purchase price, which, however, is very expensive. We are talking about kits that are used for hunting dogs consisting of one or more collars (in the event that you are out and about with several companions) and a palmtop that acts as a receiver, allows you to view your position on a map and generally allows you to interact with the collar itself. Communication between the two devices takes place directly via radio waves and the maps are already present in the PDA. The kit does not need any external additions to be able to function, but all this must be paid for at a very high price of several hundred euros, up to a thousand with the top of the range models or when the collars connected to the PDA are more than one.

GPS dog collar price

GPS collars with a subscription

Another category of GPS dog collars is that of devices without a handheld device: our phone acts as the receiver, using an app to be downloaded and exploiting all the sensors and connectivity that is now part of the basic equipment of every smartphone. Costs have fallen dramatically, with these models costing well under a hundred euros, making them much more accessible, even though there is an obligation to take out a subscription, the purpose of which is essentially to cover the cost of GSM connectivity and certain extra features that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The presence of a subscription is not necessarily a malus in evaluating a GPS dog collar price since GSM coverage is much greater than radio frequencies and the services offered by subscription are not mere fluff but prove to be objectively useful.