The Amazon GPS dog collar is the perfect ally for managing your four-legged friend in everyday life. Obviously, its main purpose is to enable us to locate our furry friend at any time and therefore be able to find them easily in the unfortunate instance in which the dog runs away or goes out of sight during a walk etc. Situations which in the past would have caused absolute panic, but which now, thanks to a few taps on our mobile phone, can be resolved in no time via real-time display on an onscreen map: even when the dog is moving we can follow their movements and bring them back home without too many worries.

GPS dog collar functionality

However, in addition to this essential functionality, other features have been added over time and today an Amazon GPS dog collar is in fact a fully smart, multifunctional device, connected to the network and to our smartphone.

GPS dog collar Amazon

Indeed, the collar interfaces with an app installed on the user’s phone, with versions available for both Android and iOS. Indeed I often find myself explaining how nowadays every Amazon GPS dog collar looks much like the next, and a lot of the reasons for choosing one or the other come down to the functionality and accessibility of the app itself.

Usually the functions of a satellite collar for dogs are differentiated between those related to localization and those that instead concern the monitoring of the dog’s activities. Within the first category we find the Geofence or Virtual Fence, as this feature is commonly known, that allows you to draw an area within which we know that our dog will feel comfortable. Should it exceed these boundaries, we would be notified immediately so as to be able to retrieve our pet before they go too far. This functionality pairs perfectly with activity tracking, to show you how much time your dog spends sleeping, running, playing, etc. and enabling us to have an overview of what our dog is doing throughout the day.