Want to know where your four-legged friend is at all times? It’s possible with a GPS collar, a specific device that uses special technology to keep track of your pet’s movements. Let’s find out more about the GPS collar.

GPS collar, what is it?

What is a GPS collar? It’s a collar connected to a special GPS device, a tracker, which allows you to track your pet at all times. There are different models of GPS collars, but they are generally small devices that are attached directly to the collar and allow unlimited distance tracking, collect the history of movements and have a battery that generally lasts between 2 and 5 days depending on the type of use. The GPS collar must be connected to a tracking app on a smartphone or tablet and allows you to view the location of your four-legged friend free of charge. The app generally comes with different subscription plans depending on your needs.

GPS collar

GPS collars, the models

There are different types of GPS collars, but they all develop the same principle as a traditional tracker. The position of the dog is provided by the GPS to the mobile phone or PC, thanks to precise localisation. Among the different types of GPS collars is the Kippy, a small GPS tracker that can be attached to your four-legged friend’s collar, pinpointing its correct position. Its range of action is practically unlimited. Also an excellent product is the easy-to-use Garmin GPS collar that allows you to monitor your dog at all times. If the dog leaves the range of the handheld device, the last known position is provided and you can monitor up to 10 dogs. The Bs Planet GPS dog collars are compact, lightweight, but also robust and water-resistant.