How can you prevent your dog from getting lost? It’s a good idea to do everything you can to avoid this, but the risk exists and in the event of your dog running away, being kidnapped or getting lost, you can resort to the help of various methods which are useful for tracing your four-legged friend. What is a GPS chip for dogs and how does it work?

GPS chips for dogs

Is there such a thing as a GPS chip for dogs? Actually, no. Chips and GPS for dogs arenot exactly the same thing. In fact, they are two completely different things, even though they are necessary for tracking animals.

GPS chips for dogs

Dog chips

GPS chips for dogs? Not exactly. The dog chip is a compulsory microchip implant for pets of all sizes. These are subcutaneous devices that contain the contact information of the pet’s owner, but do not have GPS. When a lost pet is found, a vet, ASPCA or pet clinic can scan the dog’s or cat’s microchip and see if the scanner detects the implant and contact information for the owner.

GPS for dogs

GPS chips for dogs? The definition is incorrect. Instead, we can talk about GPS for dogs, a GPS tracker for pets. This is a small container that must be attached to the dog’s collar. Inside, a series of circuits and a GPS tracker allow the owner to check the position of their four-legged friend with considerable precision. The device is a little bulkier and must be connected to the collar and then to the smartphone, and must be constantly recharged. In addition, there is usually a monthly service charge for proper operation. Thanks to the GPS antenna, it allows you to locate your four-legged friend very easily and precisely.