Golden Retriever are bug sized dogs, with long and waterproof fur, intelligent, empathetic, friendly and loyal.

The origin of Golden Retriever

Golden have a gentle and sweet physical appearance, with an elegant look: meek, obedient with inborn aptitude towards the work, it is friendly, it loves its family and it is very affectionate with kids.

Golden are very renowned as companion dogs, but it is born in Scotland in 1968 as a hunting dog, more specifically as retriever: its meek and friendly personality, but also very eclectic, its intelligence, have made it the perfect breed also for family life.

Golden Retriever, how to choose the farm

Golden Retrievers can show some hereditary conditions, so if you are thinking about buying one it is important to choose a professional and reliable Golden Retriever farm. You can choose between a professional breeder and a more family one.

Let’s see the details. Obviously, buying a Golden puppy from a professional breeder, renowned and reliable is the better choice to be certain of having an healthy and equilibrated puppy. The Italian Kennel Club (ENCI) recognize all the farms with billboard displayed, divided according to regions and provinces.

Golden Retriever Breeding

It is better choosing breeders specialized only in one or two breeds and always visiting the farm personally in order to understand which spaces are dedicated to dogs and how clean they are. It is always recommended to personally control if the mum is present in order to understand the personality, without checking only the puppies. You should also ask for the written documentation stating its exemption from the main hereditary conditions, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, congenital heart diseases, but also congenital oculopathies.

Choose a pure-bred pedigree because only like this you will really know the dog you are buying.

A serious breeder will help you in choosing the puppy according to the personalities of the litter, since every dog has its personality, but he also has to deal with the good socialization among puppies in order to have an equilibrated and well-mannered adult dog. He should provide recommendations on how to take care of the puppy in family. Obviously in a professional farm the price of the Golden puppy will be higher, around 1,000-1,500 Euros, but some specific breed can go up to 2,500 Euros.   

1 Golden Retriever Breeding

If you chose to take the dog in an amatorial and family-owned farm, the price will be lower, but be careful. In these cases, the mother’s health could be not monitored properly, so you can occur in higher chances of having hereditary conditions and behavioral problems compared to the average. Also, pay attention on times: these kinds of farms tend to sell the puppies too early in order to avoid weaning, cleaning and training. Also, without proper documentation, and without pedigree, the chance of having bought a puppy coming from a “accidental pregnancy” is higher. Obviously, even a dog without pedigree can share love and can be welcomed in family; if the breeder has followed the veterinarian recommendations, has cured and assured a proper socialization among puppies, if he knows the father of the puppies and can guarantee their parents are healthy, this option of a dog taken from a family-owned farm can be the right choice.