If you are looking for fashion accessories for sporty dogs, the element you need to focus on is the sporty aspect, that means that you are dealing with a very active dog, with a playful character and always ready to run and chase anything. Every dog has its own personality, and a sporting dog may not be suitable for a puppet to cuddle up with during the nap, it is necessary to have fashionable accessories for sporting dogs, something specifically thought for canine activities.

There are different, very interesting options like the dog boots: ‘boots’ or socks for dogs that protect them when they have to move in particular environments like the snow and it is therefore necessary to preserve their paws. But we can also stay on the classic and choose among the fashionable accessories for sporting dogs a good collar or a harness.

Fashionable accessories for sporty dogs

Smart dog accessories: what are they

There are more or less resistant, more or less garish from the aesthetic point of view, but I recommend in this article of smart collars for monitoring dog activity. These devices are born as an evolution of GPS trackers for dogs since they have added to this basic feature more functions that allow you to track the activity of our dog just like smartwatches, fitness watches and bands do, instead, with us.

They are fashionable accessories for sporty dogs which, with the smart functionalities implemented, are also very useful for keeping a very active dog under control. Certainly, it is essential to be able to locate our dog when we are outdoors and they start running around having fun off their lead. It takes little to lose sight of them, but the GPS prevents us from unpleasant situations. This is accompanied by a series of sensors which allows us to detect what our dog is doing automatically. If they run, if they play, if they rest or if they even sleep, noting all the activities in a log which we can consult easily from our mobile phone checking how much activity they have done, how many calories they have consumed, etc. comparing the values obtained both with their previous average and with the average of other similar dogs.