If you are considering buying satellite dog collars on eBay below you will find some essential information to make an informed choice without going blind.

Let’s start from the basics by saying that when you go to buy satellite collars for dogs on eBay you’re buying a GPS device, a locator that is based on the technology we find in navigators for cars, in our smartphones and today even in watches, especially those with a fitness tracker. The term satellite refers to the fact that GPS, an acronym for Global Positioning System, which in turn is short for NAVSTAR GPS (NAVigation Satellite Timing And Ranging Global Positioning System) is an American location system that uses a fleet of satellites that orbit the Earth and allow you to determine the coordinates where a device is located that can communicate with these satellites.

eBay satellite collars for dogs

There are other localization devices that do not use GPS technology but simply use protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. However, they have a limited range and not as ‘global’ as GPS. In this case the usefulness of these devices as a localization system becomes rather small so I recommend you opt for a device, in fact, ‘satellite’, i.e. equipped with GPS.

Another aspect to take into consideration when buying on eBay satellite collars for dogs are the additional features of these devices. Even if it is true that the feature you are looking for in these devices is the precision in the localization, it is also true that today there are several additional features that it is almost wrong to define secondary to the GPS since they have a certain importance in the daily management of the dog. We are talking about all that information that collars are able to collect and that allow to have a constant and faithful monitoring of our dog’s activities even when they are quiet at home. When you buy on eBay satellite collars for dogs, you end up buying a device like the fitness bands, able to monitor the state of health of the animal, record the calories consumed, the level of activity visit and eventually highlight some sudden change in the routine of the dog that could suggest that there is something wrong.